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Out Growing and Growing Up, Vertical Garden

So for some reason kids seem to need a lot of stuff (or at least people think they do), they outgrow it really quickly and then it ends up at the dump. Well we are definitely bin divers in this house and this is ONE of our bin dive projects. A vertical garden.

I've seen this done a few ways, pallets, guttering, plastic bottles and you can buy kits. We like a challenge in this house and we don't like waste. I find you tend to solve a problem with the knowledge and skills you have which is why I probably thought of using an old tarpaulin. You basically need containers and some sort of rack, which is why pallets can be good, but the crazy thing is pallets are almost fashionable now and so they're become hard to come by (she says sitting on her pallet sofa).

So we started off with a baby cage (also known as play pen, I'm yet to find a child that will sit happily in one) and an old tarpaulin. The baby cage was taped together on some joints and the tarpaulin was wearing out in places, both weren't much good for their original purpose. I had two ideas of what to do with the baby cage, one was a drying rack that hangs form the ceiling for use in winter, the other was a vertical garden thing. Lock down hit and I had strawberry plants that needed a home and I am trying to keep the snails and slugs away from my tomato plants this year, as well as inquisitive 3 year old. She ate all the strawberries last year........

How did I do it? Well I started by altering my pattern for reversible storage boxes. I tapered it towards the top to stop soil falling out and I added a tab at the back to attach the plant bags to the rails. Where possible I used the eyelets from the edge of the tarpaulin for the tabs. The planters actually work well just sat on the ground and I've made them in two sizes. I want use them for herbs, salads, tumbling toms, strawberries and maybe beetroot. I'm hoping I can use it all year round as this is one of the few spots in our garden that gets year round sun.

Step two was to take apart the baby cage. It came apart pretty easily! I had a bit of a brain storm with my other half and he put some hooks in the wall to hang it from. Quick and simple. We tied the sides together and formed a ladder. And because it's lock down we used whatever we had lying around to attach the bags, which turned out to be electrical wire, but it's blue! I'm hoping that the plants will cascade down forming a wall of green beauty. We shall see, my gardening success tends to be a bit hit and miss.

This little upcycle project was pretty quick and did solve a few problems; slugs and snails, inquisitive children, growing space and a grey wall. I've got lots of seedlings ready for the next stage, just fingers crossed I don't kill them all!

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