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Get it threaded

So, that sewing machine that has been sat at the back of the cupboard, go and find it, clear the kitchen table, make yourself a cuppa and put on my video. It's time to learn how to thread up that bad bay and get sewing. I've done videos for threading up 4 different types of sewing machine. From right to left: Brother XN1700, Brother Compal Star, Pickling 323 and a Singer Starlet. The first is modern and then we work our way back in time. I use my machines for a variety of sewing, everything from upholstery to dress making and free machine embriodery. I'm not really a quilter though so unfortunately I can't offer any advice on that, I've only done simple machine quilting.

I've divided the video that it's easy to find the machine the closest to yours the first and last are top loading without bobbin cases and the middle two are front loading with bobbin cases. If you're not sure what that means watch the whole video.

So off you go, put the kettle on, get that machine out. I promise it's not as scary or difficult as you think.

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