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Relax and Sew......Reusable Face Wipes

So today saw the official launch of my You Tube channel. I am now a You tuber.....That's something I never thought I'd say! Anyone that knows me well knows I'm not a fan of the camera, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do and let's face it, it would be selfish to keep all this knowledge to myself.

My first tutorial is Reusable Face Wipes. I know most of us are now in lock down and not everyone has a fabric stash as extensive as mine (it's hidden all over the house like a treasure hunt) so I'm going to try and adapt some projects to upcycle what you have around your home. This is something that I do on a regular basis despite my extensive fabric stash.

Now I was a textile teacher so you will find my videos aren't just how to make the project. We will discuss fabric choices and why, as well as little sewing tips that will make your life easier. Because lets face it, sewing is something you should enjoy and for me when I'm in the groove it's meditative. My tutorials are for beginners and rusty intermediates. The handouts that go with these videos are available in my shop. The link below is for the face wipes.

I'm starting with the face wipes because it makes you practice sewing in a straight line, maintaining the same seam allowance and doing corners. By the time you're done you'll be doing corners in your sleep.

And here's the all important video itself.

The next video I'm going to do will be how to thread and care for your sewing machine. Give your machine some TLC and it'll give you a whole lot of joy.

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